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Remember: Good composition and strong value. Paint the lights, save the whites. Paint the mid tones. Paint the shadow and cast shadow in a single wash. Add dark accents as necessary.
Add stronger pigment to your washes while they still glisten, then let it dry.

Martin A Knapp Watercolor Workshop

Watercolor Workshop


Portions of a flyer used for past workshops sponsored by:

The Coeur d’Alene Art Association


For painters of all levels of experience.

Workshop Description:

Art is a thing of the imagination. The way to become a good painter is to practice, practice, practice. The way to make beautiful paintings is to base their composition on the fundamentals of good design. During the course of this one day workshop I hope to share with you a simplistic approach to good design; a review of the elements and principles of design, value patterns, and chiaroscuro; and some aids, such as the use of a finder, to the process of transforming an idea, or the life view before us, into a composition; and some tips on turning that composition into a finished watercolor painting.

We will begin the day with introductions and after a review of equipment and materials and their preparation and a short lecture, we will begin working on our compositions. I will provide a still life setup as possible subject matter or you may work from your sketches or other reference material.

Style in painting is an individual thing. What we are going to say (the composition) is more important than how we say it. With that in mind, I will demonstrate a simple three (or four) step approach to watercolor painting. I will give individual attention while we work, and suggest possible solutions to problems that may develop. We should plan to end the day with a critique of our efforts. The sharing of experience, working methods, and the exchange of ideas between participants is one of the most positive aspects of artists getting together to paint. I look forward to an enjoyable day of watercolor painting.

Workshop Materials List

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