Watercolor painting by Barbara Swanson

Lunch in Venice by Barbara Swanson, IWS
watercolor, 9" x 12", $200

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Barbara Swanson, IWS
   Recently retired from Idaho State University, Barbara has been painting seriously since 1994. Without a formal
background in art, she began taking occasional local art center and community education workshops in 1989 and
continues to participate in extended workshops conducted by national known artists.

She is a Member of Merit, Idaho Watercolor Society. Since 1994 her paintings have been included in the Idaho
Watercolor Society’s Annual Juried Exhibitions: “Dyed to Match” received the Ruth Clark Award in 1995 and “Yellow
Stairs” the Third Place award in June 1998. She received the Third and Fourth Place Awards for “Tubing the Portneuf”
and “Summer Hats and Artichokes” in 2001.

Her current projects include a continuing series inspired by the people and places of Greece, France and Italy, as well as
a series of plein air landscapes of Southeastern Idaho, and a group of informal paintings of figures. She recently began to
experiment with iridescent pigments on rice paper.

Barbara paints almost exclusively from photos. People continue to be one of the most exciting and intriguing subjects for
her paintings. She attempts to capture something universal in expression or action, while breaking from photographic
realism in composition and color.

Her colorful paintings are crisp and fresh, emphasizing design and simple composition. She mixes color on paper and
palette, being guided by what can happened spontaneously as colors flow into each other. She continually experiments
with various color combinations and brush strokes.

Her paintings are currently available at her studio and at regional art fairs. She invites commissions. View additional
paintings online at art-exchange.com.

Barbara Swanson
1620 Bench Road
Pocatello, Idaho 83201
Phone: 208.234.2355

"To paint, to travel...to combine the two is to celebrate life."
Jack Brouwer