25 Annual Membership Exhibition - Idaho Watercolor Society

Name ___________________________________________________________ Phone _______________________

Address __________________________________________________________ Email___________________________

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I understand that the Idaho Watercolor Society (IWS) will take all possible care in handling my slides and paintings, and that IWS will assume no liability for damage or loss. I also understand that slides of paintings selected for the 251th Annual Exhibition will remain the property of the IWS, and the receipt of this entry is agreement on the part of the artist with all terms and conditions set forth in the Prospectus.

Signature of Artist _______________________________________________________________

Enclosed is my check in the amount of $8.00_____(1 slide)       $16.00_____(2 slides)    Return this entire completed form, your slide(s), entry fees, and stamped, self-addressed business envelope to:

IWS, c/o Melva Allen, 22020 Ustick Road, Caldwell, ID 83607

Please complete all information below except the blanks for Accepted or Not Accepted. Application may be photocopied.
Note: Prices may not be changed from the information you provide below.

__________________________________IWS RECORDS__________________________________________

Artist ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Title of Painting #1 _______________________________ Title of Painting #2 _________________________________

   Media ________________________________________    Media __________________________________________

   Size (Dimensions, unframed) _____________________    Size ( Dimensions unframed) _______________________

      (Dimensions, framed) __________________________       (Dimensions, framed) ___________________________

   Price, if for sale ________________________________    Price, if for sale __________________________________

   Value, if not for sale _____________________________   Value, if not for sale _______________________________

   Eligible for the Grumbacher Award _____yes _____no          Eligible for the Grumbacher Award _____yes _____no

   Will accept $600 Purchase Award _____yes _____no          Will accept $600 Purchase Award _____yes _____no

_______________________________ACCEPTANCE NOTICE___________________________________

Artist _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Title of Painting #1 _______________________________ Title of Painting #2 ___________________________________

   Media ________________________________________    Media __________________________________________

   Price, if for sale _________________________________    Price, if for sale __________________________________

   Value, if not for sale ______________________________    Value, if not for sale ______________________________

Accepted_________ Not Accepted__________                   Accepted__________ Not Accepted___________

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