(Photographers release of copyright)

   AGREEMENT made this _______ day of ____________, ____, by and between the undersigned PHOTOGRAPHER and the undersigned CLIENT.

   The undersigned parties hereby agree that all rights, copyrights, titles and interest in any photographs taken by photographer, on behalf of Client belong solely and exclusively to the Owner free from any claims whatsoever by the Photographer.

   The enticement and consideration for this Agreement is the promise by the Client to pay the Photographer the amount of $______________. This is a one-time compensation for Photographer's services (sometimes known as a work-for-hire) and Photographer understands that this will comprise Photographer's complete and sole payment. This agreement allows the Client to use photographs for all Clients needs free of copyright infringement but must show © with Photographer's name and year photographs were produced.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF we have entered into this written contract as of the date above written.

___________________________ ___________________________