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   Muttley Cam is a small wireless video camera that can be mounted on top of Muttley's head. The signal can be viewed on a TV, recorded on tape, or broadcast live to the internet.

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 The basic components of the Muttley Cam camera setup are; a color CCD digital camera with infrared diodes added, an interface board for audio input, a linear RF amplifier, and a television transmitter. Power is provided by two 12V DC batteries carried in Muttley's backpack. The camera, infrared diodes, and an audio microphone are contained in a "Head" unit approximately 3 x 2 x 1 1/8 inches. The "Head" unit mounts to Muttley's head gear with velcro and has a cable from it to the "Tansmitter" unit which is mounted on the center of the backpack. The "Transmitter" unit, a plastic case approximately 5¼ x 5 x 1½ inches, contains the power regulation circuitry, the switching circuitry, the audio interface board, the RF amplifier, and the TV transmitter. Power on/off, night vision on/off, RF-amp on/off and RF-amp hi/low switches are located on the "Transmitter" unit, along with LEDs, indicating power "on" and RF-amp "on", and the power, camera and antenna jacks.

Camera, transmitter and back pack.

Camera, transmitter and back pack.

Camera, transmitter and back pack.

The current version of Muttley Cam uses an XCam2 from X10.

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If your dog is named Fido, his title translates "faithful" in the Latin language.


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