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   An archive of images from Muttley Cam. Photos of some of the things we've seen on our adventures. Some of the names have been changed to protect the...

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eee me

woof, woof.

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Have'n fun now.

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Recent Images   Scroll down for recent miscellaneous images.

Art on the Green 2000 Photos   Photos of some of the many activities around Coeur d'Alene, Idaho the weekend of Art on the Green.

StudioCam Image Archive   More pictures of me and some of a deer I chase, and some art stuff too.


Profile, good day.

Lets go swimming.

Happy dog.
Hey! Lets go swimming.


   "Dogs lives are too short... their only fault, really."    Agnes Sligh Turnbull


Happy dog down by the lake.

Kayley with a stick...

a big stick.

Quincy plays soccer.
Some friends at the beach.

a dog.

a black and white dog.

Boomer the Great...

A puppy.
More friends at the beach.


I smell a rabbit.

Which way did...

the rabbit go.
How about inviting that rabbit over for dinner?

Ready here.

Hey, I think I smell smoke.

They called this the dog house.

Ok, where's the water?
Pretending to be Sparky the Fire Dog!


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