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Examples of What You Might See on makART StudioCam

StudioCam set up for demo at Terry Lee Studio.

N/N IWS Exhibition at Terry Lee Studio.

N/N IWS Exhibition at Terry Lee Studio.
StudioCam goes mobile for a demo at the
North Above North Idaho Watercolor Society Fall Exhibition.

Doing a sketch.

Watercolor demonstration.

Watercolor painting near completion.
Watercolor demonstration by "makart,"
Sunday's Featured Artist at the N/N IWS Fall Exhibition.

Muttley hang'n around the studio.

Ok, how long do I have to wait?

Hold your head high.
Muttley Dog hang'n around the studio.

Drawings and reference materials.

Beginning a drawing.

Drawing near completion.
Views of the drawing board while drawing, painting, or working on some other project.

Pen and ink line drawing.

Adding ink washes with a watercolor brush.

Completed pen and ink wash drawing.
Adding ink washes to a pen and ink drawing.


I'm on camera?

Yes, you are!
Visitors to the studio...

View to the east.

View to the east.

View to the southeast.
Views from the studio. We often see pheasant, deer, elk and other animals from the studio.


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