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Sometimes viewing the drawing board or easel, sometimes a set up, a model, or a painting in progress, and sometimes the view from the studio.

   Our StudioCam camera is mounted on an articulating arm which can be placed in different locations around the studio. Thus there are several options as to the veiw broadcast to the internet. When there is activity in the studio, we will try to keep the camera focused on the activity. At other times, we will aim the camera out a window to check the weather and watch for deer, elk, or other animals to pass by.
   From time to time we have classes, demos, planned studio sessions, or other activities, and will post a schedule of planned activities. We will be working on developing an audio visual teleconferencing capability suitable for real time interaction with our internet visitors. In the mean time we'll have some fun with what we've got.

Our Schedule of Planned Events: Local time is Pacific Standand Time, (GMT-08:00 summer), or, Pacific Daylight Savings Time, (GMT-07:00 winter).


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